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Birthdate:Oct 8
Location:Tampere, Finland
Well... this really is the hardest section to fill :)

Pilvi is the username I am currently only using here on Dreamwidth. As it usually happens, the one I was originally planning to use was occupied, so I hastily came up with this one. You might have come across me on Livejournal as lo_elle, but it is a bit clumsy, though better than my first nickname.

Pilvi is a Finnish word which means 'cloud'. Though unplanned, it sort of fits me, because in real life I have to stay out of the sun, and that makes me rather pale. Well, clouds are supposed to be white, right? - at least stereotypically.

A couple of years ago - at almost 30 years old - I decided to radically change my life... in at least some of its aspects. I came from Russia to Finland to study for a bachelor degree in a new field. Still doing that and hoping I haven't made a mistake. With the field - not the place :)

By the way, I still have the livejournal account, and might continue it for a while yet. You are welcome to find and read it, but it is in Russian.

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